The process of repairing

To maximize the accuracy and effectivity of a suit repair, it is necessary to stick to our well proven repair protocol:

1. Please make a full body picture wearing the suit, front and back.

2. Please make a picture of the problematic area, describing the problem and estimate a value (cm) for modification. If necessary, remeasure the problematic area, for exmaple waist, torso, thigh, etc.

3. After sending all the information to our address ([email protected]), please wait for confirmation, or possible further questions. Please do not send the suit back before consultation.

4. Shipping outside EU: we manage the delivery, sending you a UPS pickup, who will also solve the custom clarification - therefor the delivery is flexible, fast, painless and have no extra charge. If you choose a different delivery method, extra fee and delay can occure. Intrudair does not take guarantee for packages managed by different parcel companies, including extra fees.

Our repair process guarantees the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, by sticking to these rules we can guarantee the most effective and delayless repairment.

Important notes: If we evaluate that the given modifications or requests are unlikely to give the desired results, we will contact you with a recommendation. We can only guarantee the desired outcome, if the customer accepts our recommendation. If the customer insists to use his/her exact modifications, we can do it but we can't give guarantee on the result.

If the customer or dealer chooses different delivery service, extra fees and delay can occur, which we can't take responsibility for.

Terms of repairment!

  • Please send an email to [email protected] with the following subject: repairment of ( Your project number) (country where You are from) Write about Your problems with Your order, and attach some full body photo front and backside in high resolution when You are wearing Your Intrudair suit. Also please take close pictures of the problematic parts. The office is going to write You back within 48 hours.

  • Intrudair company is going to ask You to remeasure Yourself, what results You have to send to the factory. Otherwise Intrudair company does not give You a permission to send back the suit for modification.

  • Please write Your any other further suggestions how we can repair Your suit to You.

  • After Intrudair’s official admission specified with all the informations of the estimated warranty expense You can send back the suit, strictly by following all the instructions of the office. (Those countries who are not member of the European Union Intrudair company by itself arrange import shipment with TNT parcel service! In case You send back Your suit without previous permission of the office we have to charge You with 150 euro extra custom’s administration cost which will be added to the cost of repairment)

  • In case You have mismeasured Yourself or having any additional request by adjusting Your Intrudair suit, the company are going to charge You with 10 EUR+ VAT / hour repairment cost. In this case You have to send Your suit back to the factory on Your own charge Intrudair company can predict 80% cost of the repairment, so Intrudair reserves the right to change price of the work, depend on the hours it has to take to adjust for the client.

    By sending back Your suit You automatically accepted all our terms of the repairment, You can send back the suit for adjusting.

    If you want to repair, go to the contact page. CONTACT