steps of the process

how it works

In addition to the default factory embroideries, you can have your own logos and labels on your suit, such as name tags, web addresses, small and big logos. Please be aware that this service costs some extra, check the price calculation below. Our suits are being manufactured with default brand logos, you can also alter them.

Just drop us an email with your needs. Altering Intrudair logos won't cost any extra. In case of overlapping, we will inform you and figure it out. Our graphic designer will get back to you with the calculated extra price and a design plan. Feel free to ask any question at [email protected].

Please clarify the exact position and color, sparing a couple emails. Thank you! :)

File formats and image resolution
Please when sending your logos, make sure that it's either in vector format, or a high resolution jpg. We accept any kind of format anyways, but a low quality source will increase the editing costs.
Using Fonts
By default, we use a font called Cabin bold italic, a smooth, well-readable font, which looks great on the suits. You can check how it looks below:

Of course you can choose your own font, by sending the font file or just letting us know which. There are some extreme cases when it's not embroidable, we will inform you.
How to order extra embroideries
When you place an order, you can leave a comment about an extra embroidery need. We will automaticly get in touch with you about it. You can upload your logos while the ordering process too, or afterwards. Another way is to write us an email to [email protected] (preferably), or [email protected] with your project number. If you don't have an order yet, we still can send you a design plan according to your ideas in advance.
Our graphic designer, David is recently working with custom embroideries, available at [email protected].

Editing cost

When you order your suit with extra embroidery request, even though you send it in a perfect format, there is always some work before the actual embroidering. The graphic designer vectorizes the logo if needed, and prepares a documentation for further processing. This takes time according to the complexity of the project. The price of the editing may vary, depending the time spent. Every started hour costs €10, except for easy tasks, that is for free.

Embroidery cost

We produce world class embroideries, you can take a look at the sample galleries. We had to make categories, because the the complexity and size are always vary. You can predict your price by comparing your logo to the sample images, or simply ask our graphic designer at [email protected]. The process takes time naturally, after accepting the final design plan and payment, it means a week addition in the leading time.