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When developing this suit, we kept in mind the comfort of jumpers with the help of a wearable suit.


There have been new suit trends are occurring in the sport of skydiving worldwide latley. So we modified our freefly design to create a tighter and cleaner suit. The silhouette of the suit narrowly follows the anatomy of the body with a homogenic material use and 3D elbow and knee formation. The suit is tightly tailored on the upper parts of the body and around thighs. The elastic parts around the shoulders, between legs and side of the body will allow you to move much more comfortably.

This model has been designed for use in the sky, but you can use it in the windtunnel without any problems as well.

Do you want a unique suit? We can now print on taslan 4-ply to create a truly one off design. Choose your own look!

When creating a normal speed suit, we suggest selecting taslan material on the body, arms and legs. For a fast, tight suit please choose a nylon front and upper arms. The knee and elbows are made from cordura 1000. The elastic parts will be manufactured from Brunico WX windproof felxible and strong highly quality material and the zippers are made from YKK

The Extra options possible are to have an outside pocket, Cordura 1000 Bottom, freefly grips on the arms and legs and printed materials.

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(Please note that the suit won"t look exactly the same. These are repetitive seamless patterns it may slightly differ from the samples can be found below.)
FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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FreeFly CF ®

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Don"t measure yourself alone! Measure without shoes and put on the cloth you will wear underneath your suit.
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Don"t measure yourself alone! Measure without shoes and put on the cloth you will wear underneath your suit.

Settings & Extras


2 Legcuff types

Select your legcuffs type.

Tech. Normal

Body Looseness

Choose the fitting, It can be tight (bodyfit), normal fit and loose fit.

Slim-fit Normal-fit Loose-fit

Collar type

Select your collar type.

Low Medium High

Speed of the Suit

Freefalling speed adjustment by controlling the fabric looseness of the arms and legs.

Slow Normal Fast


Knee Protectors

0.6 cm thick Protector Foam reinforcement, absorbs the hits and blows, recommended especially for tunnel use.

Shipping Insurance

The package is insured for its full value during delivery.

Airventilation Legs

Zipper ventilation opening, this part is responsible for the ventilation of the suit, ensuring comfortable wear in the plane or on the ground during the hot summer season.

Camera Pocket

Zipper opening at the chest for chest mounted cameras.


Freefly grips: Small flat grips for the shoulders and outer thighs

Extra Pocket Thigh

Extra Pocket

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