About the Suit

This new model is made with all the feedback I got from the users of the original model.


Most of the people thought that is was not enough fast and intuitive, so this was the goal I was aiming for last year making more than a handfull of prototypes, and having people testing them for me.

I will summarize this new model in one word: MORE !

  • more surface, mainly on the legwing
  • more speed, coming from the legwing, but also from the new shape of the armwing
  • more tension, with booties that are available now, but also without because of a new shape of the bottom of the leg and the clip fixation
  • more pressure, with the new inlets
  • more stability, due to the legwing, the tension, the pressure and some other things coming from the Intrudair wingsuits designsa bit
  • more glide at same speed, not a big change but still better

While making all this progress we did not loose the good starts (maybe even better !), but with the bigger legwing it requires more practice to get them.

Also the shoulder system is more "flexible" now so even with the new tension in the suit it is easier to put the arms up when needed.

Of course there is something in the less.

Running is not as easy as before due the tension, but not as easy does not mean hard, compares to the other suits of that kind on the market I think we are still as good or better.

/ Antoine Laporte /



At the start of this year I realized that my product quality was not good enough and I decided to look for a partner who already knew the sewing techniques and how to build suits for skydiving and base jumping. I wanted to be a valuable asset for this partner, and Intrudair seemed like the best partner for me at that time. Good product quality over the years, great production capabilities and no suit like the one I was working on in their products list. I contacted Zoltan to see if he was interested in me developing some products for his company and we rapidly agreed that we could help each other.


I always admired the products of Antoine, and appreciated his ideas and ingenuity. I never took him as competitor, but instead of this I preferred to look at him more like a well respected leader in the BASE community. I was so happy that He initiated a collaboration with Us, so I said why not, since We always needed somebody who lives, constantly creates, tests in the BASE community and give us professional feedback. In return we are happy to provide high quality producing background with capacity and sales network in a project dedicated to Him. After We spent together a week at the factory We started to understand more each other’s mentality and philosophy. So We decided to create a complete BASE-Tracking division based only on Antione’s ideas with a collaboration of Intrudair, since the brand has a long term professional experience in manufacturing. We do everything for the most effective cooperation, and for our common future in the BASE community. Our first step in a mututal liaison is a hybrid suit, named Half-A.


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(Please note that the suit won"t look exactly the same. These are repetitive seamless patterns it may slightly differ from the samples can be found below.)
Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

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Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p15

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p16

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p17

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p18

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p19

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p20

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p21

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p22

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p23

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p24

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p25

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p26

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p27

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p28

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p29

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p30

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p31

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p32

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p33

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p34

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p35

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p36

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p37

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p38

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p39

Half-A 2.0 ®

Code: p40

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Don"t measure yourself alone! Measure without shoes and put on the cloth you will wear underneath your suit.

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Used for attaching foldable ice pick or tracking pole to the lower part of the leg, (for BASE jumpers) Mesh pocket between the legs, used for storing phone, stash bag, other things in wingsuits.

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