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The B4 is the first piece in our latest development of the “over 2020” wingsuit series.


The B4 is the first piece in our intermediate wingsuit category, it is faster, more powerful than its predecessor B3. During Covid, we wasted no time to integrate as much innovation, cutting edge technologies and development as possible into our latest generation B4 wingsuit.


What makes B4 better than its predecessor or other wingsuits?

It is made with a leading edge built with a completely new tech and approach for reduced drag at crucial areas of the wing, soft foam is standard, but performance foam can also be added to achieve even greater performance.

The NACA 4415 asymmetrical wing profile design was the basis for the arm and leg wings of the new generation of b4 wingsuits developed for dynamic flight. Its unique properties allow it to fly together even with high performance wingsuit fleets!

This profile is thinner, so the leading edges are flatter, less drag means higher speed. Effortlessly up to 2 to 2.5 glide ratio can be easily maintained during the flight. Perfect choice for beginner and intermediate pilots from the entry category upwards, for fleets, back flying, dynamic carving and Wingsuit freefly. Due to the new carefully designed forearm segment, arm wing and gripper, it is easy to keep the suit in control and the pilot chute is easily accessible, so the easy opening feature at pull time is maintained along with the increased arm wing pressure.

Air inlets aerodynamic innovation: thanks to the unique air inlet system used by Intrudair the efficiency has improved, lower air resistance means less drag, and it provides high pressure to both the arm and leg wings.

The bootie part is reinforced with foam and our special sewing technique that you only find in Intrudair wingsuits. It keeps its shape without deforming, making the suit even more stable during the flight and transitions. Optionally, you can request shole reinforcement, so the bootie stays even stiffer at your shoes. It makes the suit tighter, faster, so the control on the legs is even more effective.

Main features:

  • Easy BOC access design
  • NACA 4415 wings profile
    • New smooth leading edge with soft foam + perf. foam
    • New air inlets, super-fast inflation
    • Standard large arm wing pockets + leg wings pocket
    • Non-slip BASE soles
    • Stiffened bootie
    • Adjustable internal wing pressure


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    3D Performance Foam

    Better performance, more accurate leading edge/ better shape, tighter fit on the arms.

    Arm Cutaway System

    It is responsible for detaching the wings on wingsuits, the arm wings can be easily released by pulling a yellow cable handle (available for piranha models).

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