Something big has born!
Competition season is coming, here is the new high performance suit from Intrudair called ORCA!
After long and thorough developement in 2016 We finished our biggest surfaced and maximum glider wingsuit. This suit recommended especially for performance pilots who have reliable experience with big suits. Intrudair took all the professional knowledge and experience and put them into this suit. Followed by feedbacks of our athlets, friends, professional pilots and BASE jumpers. Many different jumpers tested the Orca. The shape and wingprofile got the final version according to they opinions and feelings.

The result is a beast! Need pilot in it.
The cells got tuned by digital technology. Designed in computer, cutting with laser with 100% punctuality. This is definately need for this kind a big surfaced and big performance wingsuit.
Deep armwing angle, big legwing, setted to fly through the horizont. Air inlets are big enought to get the maximum pressure, but You can set it with 2 zips. One is under your arms, and secund is on the bottom of the armwing. So the suit can be hard enough to fly away, and also can be perfect for speed round where You more need the legwing. Otherwise there is a pressuresetting zip in the legwing as well for the soft tuning, but mainly taking the tail pocket function.
Cells on the suit got doubled, to get the maximum smoothness, and to avoid missed lift. Leading edge having special foam for the perfect shape, and also there is the escape slaves to reach the risers easily…

During the test We got awesome numbers all in distance, time and speed. What is definately revealed, the Orca needs some speed to fly perfectly. If You are good and brave enough than You will feel.
We thought about BASE jumpers as well. If You want to hide your harness under the suit, just choose the BASE shoulder option. It means You can open the shoulder with 2 zips per side, so You can place the rig into there. The neopreme front let the raisers moove, and don’t makes trouble becouse stretching. It means this option is usefully and comfortable too. But: ->

Factory defaults

- Zip-Up cords
- BASE sole
- Foamfilled Bootie
- Tail Pocket
Extra options

- BASE shoulder
- Extra pocket
- Rush order

full view front

full view back


This suit is ONLY for experiences wingsuit pilots. Minimum 150 performance wingsuit jumps with big surfaced suits recommended.
Be carefully with the opening, keep the respected altitude. Don’t try to press out the air of the wings, instead of it deploy into the wind like big surface suits deserve it. Fly like a PRO!
Keep on eye to the pressure seting zippers, those has to be simmetrical. If You want to try the differences between full closed and full opened, then keep the gradation, step by step let’s go to the end.
Overall this suit is an expert one. Respect and know your limits. And brake your own records!